“I am completely in love with Emily Shapiro’s photo note cards at Blue Pear Prints. Her photography is creative, stunning, and fresh. She has a unique way of bringing beauty to the simple things that surround us, and capturing the intricate details of nature. These collections are fantastic and make great cards to have on hand—to brighten someone’s day or to give as a gift.”
– Becca, Colrain, MA

“These cards are so beautiful I use them for every occasion, whether it’s a birthday or thinking-of-you moment. After thanking me for sharing such a beautiful card with them, my friends’ first question is always, ‘Where did you get this card and how do I order them?’ I always keep a supply on hand because they are the perfect card for every occasion.”
– Reynold, Greenwich, CT

“Emily’s ability to capture beauty is unrivaled. With an eye for lighting, angles and color, each photo tells a delightful story. It’s no coincidence her middle name is Joy!”
– Jen, Tarrytown, NY